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December 15, 2011 / amanda stratton

Nothing to Learn Here

Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to learn about politics. Actually, in the beginning, I think I just wanted to learn about “stuff” that was going on in the world. Before that, I never read the news, I never voted, I had no idea how any aspect of our government worked, I didn’t know whether we had a Queen, or what a Senate was. There are countries I didn’t know existed. Wars I didn’t know were happening.

I was willfully and woefully (I know it’s a cliché, but please understand that it is really a thing over which to be filled with woe) ignorant.

I started this blog at the end of April. Less than eight months ago. I just wanted a place to ramble about what I was learning, because I learn better that way.

I wrote my first couple posts, and I still felt so very uninformed that I was afraid to reply to the people who commented because I thought I probably didn’t understand what they meant. By the way, I should take this opportunity to thank Jay and Tim for encouraging me, by reading and commenting, to keep going. So, thank you, if you’re still out there. I’m pretty sure for a long time you were the only two people who read this blog.

Now, reviewing this blog and it’s measly 19 posts, I know that the amount I learned isn’t reflected here. I got caught up in learning and the deeper I got, the harder it was to write from the place where I started. So that’s why it probably seems like I didn’t get much learning done.

But I did.

Actually, I looked back today and realized that never in my life have I devoted myself to anything with as much fervour, sustained interest, and genuine excitement as I did this pet project. More simply: I’ve never cared this much about anything for as long as I’ve cared about Canadian politics.

So something that started from, to be frank, just not wanting to feel inferior, ended in me finding something I am (I hate to use the word, but I must) passionate about. And I want to thank everyone who has followed along with me. You are few, but  you are awesome. It’s been fun sharing all this with actual people and not just spambots.

And I’m still just as excited to keep learning more as I was eight months ago. More excited, even. So stick around if you like, and please, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–pipe and let me know when I’m wrong!

Thanks for being here. Really. A lot.
The Stupid Girl.

P.S. Sorry for the cheesy post with nothing to be learned. I promise to make up for it soon!


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