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November 21, 2011 / amanda stratton

We suck at this.

Be forewarned: This post is not well thought out, and I doubt I’m going to do much editing. I’m going to write it because right now I’m kind of worked up.

You know how people say we should think outside the box in times as trying as those we are currently enduring?
That won’t do.

Don’t think outside the box.
Disassemble the box.
Shred it.
Burn it.
Bury it.
Raze the ground.
Salt the earth.
Forget the box ever existed.

None of what we’re doing makes any sense at all. Everything about the way we govern is unnecessarily convoluted and, in a word, stupid.

I have a half-written blog post about the stupidity of the entire party system, and I’ll post it soon, too, because that’s maybe the start of it all—the initial horribly misplaced building block. But the way we address issues in this country is stupid.  The process is stupid. Maybe not always. In good times, it’d probably be fine. But for right now, for this time, it’s stupid.

You know what I wish they would do?
I wish, for one, that every MP and MPP who was elected would just show the fuck up for one day and act like they take this shit seriously. And on that day, I wish that all of those MPs and MPPs would be prepared to answer one question: what needs to get done in your riding?

I wish they would do that thing where they stop the stupid clock and it stays the same day forever and ever—not because they’re filibustering, but because they’re listening to each other.

I wish they’d stay for as long as it took until every one of those prepared, responsible, caring MPs and MPPs had a chance to say what needed to get done in their riding. Not stupid bullshit, not self-serving crap, not party garbage. Just what really needs to get done so that everyone in this country is able to live at a certain standard. So everyone is warm and fed, at least.

And then I wish they’d all go home for twelve hours and sleep, because let’s be honest, at that point, they’re going to be pretty tired.

And then I wish they’d all come back. All of them. Again. For the second day in a row. Imagine!
And I wish they’d put aside whatever stupid crap keeps them from just being good people, and they’d figure out what needs to get done first where, and they could vote on it, probably. Not with their parties. With their own actual capable individual brains. They’d vote and they’d figure out what needs to get done.

And then they could appoint committees and sub-committees and standing committees and ministers. Ones that made sense based on what needs to get done, instead of committees that decide what needs to get done so they can continue to justify their existence because the title Minister looks great on a business card.

And then they could do those things. I bet some of them could get done pretty fast, if they tried. If they wanted to. If they cared.

We’re trapped inside this stupid, stinky, shit-filled box that we’ve been crapping all over ourselves in for centuries. Just get the hell out of it. Make a new box from the ground up. And some day we’ll have another stupid, stinky, shit-filled box, so maybe save this blog post and read it again in fifteen or twenty years.

Or don’t. Cause let’s be honest, nobody’s listening to me. I’m just this stupid girl who spends too much time thinking about politics, and assuming most people are mostly good, and wondering why the world isn’t better and why we don’t share and how long it will be until it’s too late. And I’m sure all of this sounds really stupid and I’ll hate myself for ever posting it.

But there it is anyway. That’s what I think. That’s what I wish.

I’m sorry for swearing.



Editing this to add the inspiration for this post:
I watched this video after Naomi posted a link on Twitter. It’s about a state of emergency that’s been declared in Attawapiskat because of the living conditions there. My first thought was what I/we/someone could do to help. Eventually, my thoughts got to the fact that the Ministry of Health recently committed $1.1Million to the construction of a new out-patient clinic in the town where I live. Not another clinic… just a replacement one. A bigger, better one, to be sure, and it will no doubt help meet the demand for our run-of-the-mill medical problems. But for the love of all that is humane, who decided that it should take precedence over committing $1.1Million to putting the people of Attawapiskat into safe homes? Really? That’s messed up.

That’s certainly not the only time I’ve ever paused and wondered about priorities, but it was one that hit home at a time when I was already thinking about what’s broken in our system.




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  1. Anonymous / Nov 21 2011 5:25 am


  2. Tracey / Nov 21 2011 11:30 am

    Good post Manda!! You are one smart girl! I would like to live in your world.


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