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October 6, 2011 / amanda stratton

Well, the Countdown is Over

When I first posted about the upcoming Ontario election, I said I was going to post lots of things about parties and platforms. Hey, surprise! I didn’t.

Kind of a funny thing happened. I did research the parties and platforms and candidates in my riding. I did decide who I’m going to vote for, and I count myself lucky that not only is it the party I would most like to vote for, but I also think the candidate is going to do an amazing job as MPP.

Oh, what the hell—I’ll be voting Liberal. If you haven’t decided yet, please feel free to take my word for it and go out and vote Liberal, too. Especially if you’re in Perth-Wellington, because John Wilkinson is pretty much tops, as far as I can tell. It’s been an honour and a blessing to have him represent us, and I hope we will continue to have him working for us in Toronto.

But the funny thing that happened is this:
I kind of realized that I don’t care that much about elections. And I feel bad if I dropped the ball on anyone who was counting on me. Sometimes lately kind of a lot of people look at this blog, so maybe?

Anyway, I don’t intend to say that elections aren’t important. They definitely are. I just didn’t want to write about it. All the really interesting, cool stuff happens after that. And before that. And I think understanding that stuff is the really important thing. At least for me.

But I also think the reason we have a representative government is so that you can elect someone to do all the thinking and worrying for you and you can go about your quite-likely-equally-important business while they do that. So if you don’t happen to care about the stuff that happens behind the scenes, then, um… probably don’t read this blog anymore?

But do read it because I like when people do. And sometimes it’s pretty much as funny as you’re ever going to get in a political blog, so there’s that. But mostly the making me feel good thing.


You may also recall that I posted a video about taking my kids to vote in the federal election. Please take your kids to vote with you. Tonight I told my kids that tomorrow is election day, and they were squealy and excited to the amount of Bieber. It’s like a holiday for them, and I’m not even letting them miss school this time.

I don’t know whether my parents ever voted when I was growing up. I think maybe I remember them doing it once. They may have voted all the time. It wasn’t something we talked about. But it’s like reading: if your kids see you do it, they’ll learn that it’s, you know, normal and expected and just something you do.

If you don’t take them to vote with you, please make sure your kids know what you’re doing when you go vote. Make sure they understand what you’re doing. Discuss it with them. I asked my kids to tell me what things they thought mattered the most and then we looked at and talked about party platforms to see how they fit. They probably only understood about half of what I even said, and the actual impact of about 3% of it, but it’s about teaching them the exercise of voting.

If they grow up knowing how to get educated and vote, they’ll never face what I did, feeling daunted and overwhelmed when I finally decided I wanted to participate. So please include them somehow.

Okay, I guess that’s all I have to say about that. Now go have your say!


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